Dell Dimension 9100 won't boot

I'm running XP SP3, Bios A03. All was working normally until I installed an old scanner driver, Mirascan 3. When I restarted the machine, it wouldn't complete the BIOS load, stopping just before the XP screen shoould have appeared. No error message. The 1 and 4 error lights remain lit, but Dell does not specify an error for 1/4. Pressing F2 to get into setup does not help, except that instead of 1 and 4 lit, 2 and 3 light. The machine does not get into setup. The battery is good. I have removed and re-seated all the drive cable connectors and the memory cards. Any solutions? Thanks.
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  1. If you haven't cleared the CMOS, I would suggest that route next. At the very bottom of this link are directions for how to clear CMOS
    Hope that works for you.
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