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I'm a late-night gamer with a very loud 'clicking' mouse and a rather loud hollow keyboard. This doesn't work well when I am gaming at night since my roommate is a rather light sleeper. I am in need of a decent gaming mouse that does not have the loud clicking feedback. I prefer wired mouses instead of wireless. I am also looking for a quiet keyboard that is backlit; preferably flat.

PS. I looked into the Razer Lachesis. People have said it is a decent gaming mouse and is pretty quiet without the whining noises, but does anyone know if it has the loud clicking feedback?

To cut it short:
Mouse: Silent (absolutely no clicking noise feedback), good for gaming, wired
Keyboard: Rather quiet (I understand most of the noise comes from the fingertips striking the keys), backlit, flat, wired
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  1. I have the SAME exact issue. Have been working on a solution for 2 months.

    I did some field testing and found that surpirsingly, Microsoft makes the quietest Mice/Keyboards.

    I hit up several large computer stores (compUSA, Best Buy, Micro center, etc.) and tested many devices.

    I ordered the sidewinder x6 for now, as I have multiple monitors and have no need for an expensive LCD build into my monitor.

    As for a mouse, I'm heavily considering the razer naga - but want to wait for the prices to drop.

    As I do a great deal of gaming, it is important that I don't have to be focuses on typing or clicking silently while in battle (I play darkfall among other MMO pvp games)

    I am most likely going to custom-mod the keyboard with some internal padding on the spacebar, WASD, and some other crucial keys - and look into how I can do the same for the mouse.

    Do not buy a logitech mouse, they are obnoxiously loud. While I do respect their functionality - they are just not built for us quiet gamers.

    Good luck!
  2. You can mod any mouse to be quieter, and the razer lycosa is a very quiet keyboard
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