Lenovo Y550 vs &Y560

Can anyone explain why the new Lenovo Y560 is projected to be only $850 while the current Y550 is around $1000? The specs of new model seem to be an upgrade of the current model.

Also I heard the current Y550 has a quad-core i7, but the newer i7 has a dual-core? Is that true? Are the newer i7s slower?
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  1. Depending on what model you get the current Y550 isnt that expensive either.

    Lenovo likes to play these obnoxious games where they keep prices high, then fill the internet with these 20% off coupon codes. If you look at logicbuy or techbargains you will find all sorts of lenovo coupon codes. You can get great deals if you find them.
  2. The current Y550P with an i7 processor seen on Newegg is $999 which is a pretty good deal now, but it's so strange that the new Y560 that's coming out in March will only be $850. I don't know why people are still buying the Y550 if the newer model is better and much cheaper..
  3. March is a long way away... isnt it natural for prices to drop? The first i7s were more expensive, now they are becoming mainstream. Now that the dell lineup is fully equipped with i5/i7 processors there is more competition..
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