Windows 7 Startup and Print TrayIcon System Error

I've been having an issue with a system error that has given me problems over the past 3 months. As you can see in the attachment, this is what is wee when I either first start up my computer, or I try to print something. Various small differences will show up in the error, such as the weird characters will be in different order etc. When I try first start up my machine and this error pops up, I only have to click okay once for the message to disappear. However, when I try to print, I must click "OK" at least 20 times before the message stops popping up. Its getting annoying and I'm afraid that it will eventually get worse. I've always troubleshooted my own problems, however I'm not even sure where to start as I cant understand the characters or what program could be causing this. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas of what this could be, or if I need to answer any questions.
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    do you have a epson printer? try reinstalling the driver.
  2. I do have an Epson printer. I will try to do that now and Ill let you know what happens.
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  4. I have yet to see the error pop up so I think all is well.
    Thank you!!
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Windows 7 System Error