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Hey, I dunno if this is the correct place, or not, but I am wondering how do you play music out of some speakers, and not others... I have Win7 64 bit, (I want to play music out of my junky monitor speakers for a lan party, but want to not have the game sounds playing, or the music in my headset... Second question. Can I take my electric guitar and plug it into my microphone jack on my computer? mobo is x58 msi pro-e... I am afraid to try! lol. I would this it would work? I have the adapter.
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  1. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. c'mon guys, doesn't anyone know?
  3. 32GB Apple iPhone4 it will be good for u
  4. Nobody even knows what you are asking. Clarify by stating what gear you have and what you are specifically trying to achieve. I don't think you would understand your own question the way its currently worded.
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  6. Thanks! for the answers....
    @astrallite I think wooms understood...
    @whooms They are odd to me, and thanks for the anwers... =D
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