F11 key does not go to full screen

When I hit the F11 key on one of the computers at work it will not go full screen whereas the others will - I have checked all the setting and everything seems to be the same on them - boss said he accidentally hit something in the upper right hand corner and since then it won't do it - not sure what he hit but he needs full screen - please help!
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  1. If you go to the tools in the upper right of the browser and select it then you have the option to select f11 as full screen.
  2. Much to my surprise when this Failure of F11 key to go to Full Screen occurred while I had two multimedia tabs open I tried this trick and it worked. Here is what I did: I did an ALT-F11 and immediately the screen went to Full Screen. Also from then on the F11 toggle between Full Screen and Not Full Screen worked normally. I was using Chrome Browser.
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