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I'm in an odd place right now; there are two different drivers that I want to install on my computer, the HP 4-1030us, for Intel's HD 4000 Graphics: version from DriverMax and version from Intel's website.

It sounds cut and dry, but here's the thing: when I run the installer for version, I get a warning message telling me that I'm about to downgrade my graphics drivers through this installation.

I've also found a post in Intel's forums comparing version to some earlier versions, though version was left out. Here's the thread:

So what should I do? For once, it seems like it's not a bad idea to not go with the manufacturer's links.

BTW, here's the download page for Intel's "latest" drivers:

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  1. The reason your getting that message is because you are loading drivers for intergrated graphics which is a lower type of video than the video card so the computer is believing that you want to run the intergrated graphics instead of the video card.
    Do you have a seperate video card installed?
  2. Best answer ( are the windows 8 drivers but still work on w7. ( is the current windows 7 driver version. (There are 2 different numbers for the same version.) is only available through windows update which I suspect drivermax uses to check for drivers. Why it is only available there, I don't know, maybe since win 8 is beta, then the driver is beta too. They maybe only list the whql driver on their site. The message is simply programmed to show up when the installed version number is higher than the one being installed. It doesn't matter which one you have installed unless you are having issues, then "downgrade" (not actually downgrading) to the windows 7 drivers.

    BTW his first sentence has his model number to google for specs, I think you missed it inzone.
  3. The intel site was update with ( being used for both w7 and w8. Probably since win 8 is officially out.
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  5. k1114 said:
    The intel site was update with ( being used for both w7 and w8. Probably since win 8 is officially out.

    After running Intel's automatic driver scanner, which required the use of a slow-to-download java extension for Chrome, Intel has confirmed that Drivermax is correct. I downloaded the driver off Intel's website, though, just to be safe; I can almost swear that performance is a little worse though: WEI for Graphics went from 4.8 to 4.5, probably due to the current update being optimized for Windows 8 :(

    Problem Solved
  6. WEI is not by any means a benchmark for performance. People with the exact same parts can get different results yet real apps will be the same.

    I saw this in the release notes, might be the cause.
    Several optimizations to reduce the system power consumption have been added in this driver. These optimizations might result in minor performance drop in some games while yielding power savings. The user can choose to override these power optimizations by selecting the “Maximum Performance” power mode in Intel control panel or “High Performance” mode in the Windows power setting.

    Although I don't see any power mode options in my intel control panel. The only thing that mentions performance is the performance/quality slider.
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