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The wire trick on Nforce2 boards is meant for 133/266 fsb cpu's.... I accidently did it on my MSI Nforce2 board with a 166/333 cpu. I fried the CPU, and on the next bootup the MB's dbracket sent back the error "Damaged CPU". Well I got a new cpu today, but no startup, I got the same code, damaged CPU.... Do you think the wire trick that fried my cpu could have also fried the motherboard? It just doesnt seem possible, since the wire affects the MB the same way no matter what CPU is in the socket.... Ya know?
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  1. Ummm... what wire trick is that?

    Moreover... how does one <i>accidentally</i> solder a wire on a motherboard?

    My guess is that you've cooked your motherboard too.

    Suggestion: Buy good quality stuff, assemble it, test it, then enjoy it. Leave the wiremods and other exotica to the factories.

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  2. No it is meant for T-Bred core CU`s. 133Mhz or 166Mhzit doesnt matter. As long it is a T-Bred CPU. I say 2 things to you.

    1. On a NForce 2 Motherboard thw Wire trick IS NOT needed. It is set in the BIOS auomaticaly so you dont need to do it.

    2 If you managed to make a mistake on it you shouldnt have been doing it in the first place.


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  3. have you tried clearing the CMOS without a powersource going through the motherboard? i've had a picky d-bracket cpu error with an msi board before; the cmos wouldn't properly clear without me unhooking the psu from the board (yes, it was unplugged from the wall too).
  4. On Nforce2 boards you need the wire trick or you cant go to high on FSB. Thats a fact, its just not possible. If you go to high then no boot. The wire trick allowed FSB 200.

    It worked on my 2400 just fine, for some reaosn fried my 2600...
  5. You DONT NOT need the wire trick for NForce 2 boards as you can change the multiplyer at will on T-Bred CPU`s with a NForce 2 board. I personaly have a current FSB of 203 and have had it running for a short while at 218FSB on a NForce2 board WITHOUT any wire trick. Thats the beauty of NForce2 boards. Your infomation is correct for KT333 motherboards but it is incorrect for NForce2 boards. On NForce2 boards you jsut decrease the multiplyer as you increase the FSB. Thats how you get high FSB speeds not through a wire trick that is obsolete for NForce2 and KT400.

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  6. Yes its possible, but it just wont work. In other words you can set the fsb at 200, it just wont work without the wire trick...

    You must have like a Soltek or Epox board or something... On mine, Msi, and on Asus boards you have to do the wire trick...
  7. Epox board you dont have to do it. (Tested it myself) Asus board you dont have to do it (Again tested myself) MSI I havnt tested and ABit everyone seems to agree it doesnt need it. For Soltek a friend has one and he doesnt need it. So that leaves MSI as the only one that supposly needs the wire trick. Nope you still dont have me convinced.

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  8. Oh yay, so 200FSB on the Epox 8RDA+ is fine then? Goody, I can see the true colours of my Tbred B 1700+ :smile:

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  9. IMHO You just fried your mobo and probably you won't get your warranty because you've modded it. None of the nForce2 mobo need any sorts of modification to run at 200FSB, they all support it. The biggest mod you have to do is BIOS update, nVidia has confirmed this but whether to do it or not it's up to the mobo manufacturers to decide. So, if the mobo is not officially support 200FSB you'll have to "overclock"; if you look at the 200FSB nForce2 mobo like Soltek you'll find no differences.

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  10. Nforce2 boards, at least Asus and Msi, CANNOT DO 200FSB WITHOUT WIRE TRICK. Yes, the fact is YOU CAN up the FSB to 200 if you want. But the computer wont work or start. 150 is the highest I could ever do on my Athlon 2400 133/266 cpu without wire trick. WIth wire trick I easily hit 200fsb.

    The problem is the multipliers ARE NOT UNLOCKED. This is the common belief, but it is not true. The LOWER multis ARE NOT unlocked and therefore you cannot up the FSB without overclock to high to work.

    Check out this link from Asus users themselves, theres alot of explanation in it. We use this trick on Msi's, like they do on Asus, to strictly get 200fsb.
  11. I think you have two mods mixed up.

    There's the wire mod to flip the 8x multiplier bit.

    There's another mod to avoid the nForce2 BIOS corruption issue (200+ Mhz FSB).

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  12. Oh well, now you got a reason to get another mainboard and use your 9700 properly! :wink:

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  13. Make sure you inserted the wire in the correct place.

    Take a look at this link (lower middle of page).

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    The connection is AJ27 to AK28 (Vss - Ground). Take note of the pin/hole orientation. There are two corners which are missing pins/holes. See how the mod is over away from these corners.

    If all else fails, take the wire out and see if functionality returns.

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