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Hey guys, I might be leaving my country for college next year and would like to take my ps3 with me. It's impractical to take my TV , so I was searching if I can use my laptop as a monitor to play my ps3 on. From the research, all I can see from other threads is SD tv tuners as a solution, but all these threads are outdated for about a year. So does anyone know if there is an HD TV tuner that can be used to play ps3 on with full HD without lag? (my laptop is Asus G51J-a1 if needed)
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  1. Most TV tuners are made to receive over the air HD(So they have a tuner for HD). There is one from hauppauge(HD PVR) that will give you Component @ 1080i (not 1080p). But there us sure to be input lag as the device it self compresses the signal and that is sure to give some kind of lag.

    Some people use Descaler with various cards to decrease or eliminate lag, but I am not sure if it works with this tuner. Either way, for the price, you may just want to pick up a cheap computer screen with an HDMI input
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