URGENT!!! Given Money-No-Bar....

....which is the best config u could lay hands on. My friend already has bought a ATI Radeon 9700Pro card and has got a 28" Panasonic TFT Flat screen (Oh, BTW, does this card support this Flat screen?). He is thinking of a P4 3.06GHZ CPU. He is not sure what the rest of the config should be like. he wants:
The best mobo with DDR RAM
The best sound card with the best 7.1 speakers

Though i personally recommended him of saving a huge amout of money and buying a 2400+ with a NForce 2 chipset, he wants the best money can buy now. And, he wants this "best" system to listen to quality mp3 music and some good games. Well, what can i say....he's filthy rich.

:eek: Ever wondered...how would u reset ur brain back to normal/default if u could ever overclock :cool: it???
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  1. The Rad is perfect for TFT's. I am interested by the concept of quality Mp3's but a good soundcard is never a bad thing...

    At this very minute its not the most ideal time as the Intel Canterwood chipset has just been released. I don't know where you are or how soon and easy it will be to get your hands on these boards and processors (It would be best to wait). But ignoring those I would get a PIV 3.066 HT. Gigabyte GA-8INXP which is a Granite Bay chipset with just about everything. 2x sticks of Corsair 512MB DDR333 Cas 2 Low latency. You haven't mentioned Hard Drives which are also very important when it comes to performance but I guess that is covered... And what about a nice case ?

    Sorry in the sound department I have little experiance further than the Audigy 2... This is a good sound card but I imagine that other people can suggest better. Speakers are an interesting field if he had alot of money to burn some sort of professional system not designed for PC's would be the best!

    Anyhow good luck

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  2. yeah man if he waits for canterwood then he'll have the best money can buy for a long time, instead of having the best now and then being prompty beaten by said chipset

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  3. well, i am from India and the p4 3GHz is not yet available here. But still he is ready and willing to source it from Singapore. About the hard disk, he is going in for a Seagate Barracuda 80GB 7200rpm.

    My friend is not much of a comp-guy, if u know what i mean. Like i said he is filthy rich and he just wants the best system right now. When i asked him what graphics card he has he told me he got the ATI Radeon card from Singapore. Asked him what chipset, the 9700 or the 9500. Well, he said "its the latest one available". I presume its a 9700PRO. Generally ppl here buy a PC for a little over 500 US$ (when converted). So they go in for a 128MB RAM stick. My friend wants the P4 3gig CPU but would be just happy with 256MB PC2100 Ram :eek: .

    Moreover, the Audigy series are 6.1 sound cards right? he wants a 7.1 speaker system. So i was wondering what sound card to get. i dont even think the 7.1 speaker system is available here.

    :eek: Ever wondered...how would u reset ur brain back to normal/default if u could ever overclock :cool: it???
  4. Don't scrimp on the ram. It can mean a 10% or more performance increase, barring overclockability. If he wants the best, he has to get the best. You don't get the best if you cut corners anywhere. Especially if he has the money, I don't understand why he would scrimp on this.

    For 7.1 sound, get the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 (<A HREF="http://www.m-audio.com" target="_new">http://www.m-audio.com</A>). It is the best 7.1 system out there, hands down. There is also the Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space (<A HREF="http://www.terratec.com" target="_new">http://www.terratec.com</A>), and the Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 (<A HREF="http://www.audiotrak.net" target="_new">http://www.audiotrak.net</A>). If you can't get the M-Audio, either of these would be great substitutes.

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  5. The latest Intel 875P chipset gives the P4 a huge advantage over former platforms, enough to push it well ahead of the fastest Athlons, assuming you have the money. And these boards are already on the market.

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  6. tnx guys!!! but, living up to my nick name, i have convinced my friend to go in for a 1700+ with a nForce 2 mobo, Audigy sound card, Creative Inspire 6.1 speaker system. He may still buy the P4 3Ghz when there is a wide choice of mobo availability here.
    Tnx again!!

    :eek: Ever wondered...how would u reset ur brain back to normal/default if u could ever overclock :cool: it???
  7. Why is this urgent?
  8. b'coz, he wants the system by the end of this month. and it wud have taken about 10-12 days if he had to source in the P4 3GHZ CPU from elsewhere.

    :eek: Ever wondered...how would u reset ur brain back to normal/default if u could ever overclock :cool: it???
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