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Forgot the administrator name on computer need to reset

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  1. trying to download pcmatic to fix computer but this was a friends computer that was given to me and they also have forgotten the adm. password.
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    We don't help with password issues here at Tom's so we don't inadvertently help someone hack into another person's system but if it's the Administrator account password you need, you won't work round it anway.

    Given that and PCMatic probably won't help you, post back with some details of what you think is wrong with the computer and someone wlil probably be able to help.

    If you can't get in at all, you need to buy a Windows system and install it from start to finish, overwriting all the previous system. That would cost quite a lot but many Linux systems are just as god if not better and are free of charge.

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