What is the best speakers that i can plug my ipod into and have really good bass

what kind of speaker can i get that i can plug my ipod into and it has good bass? i jsut want something that is not likle hudge but not too small something tthat i can have in my room for me and my roommate. any ideas? prices would be nice to. thanks guys?(: my roommate and i say thanks guys!!!!
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  1. Go to a store and bring you iPod, test it on the ipod docks and then on the micro systems.

    To me it sounds like you are after something like this: http://shop.kicker.com/iKICK/Default.aspx

    Kicker IK501 ($250) iPod dock, great sound and bass and you can pick one up for about $180 online.
  2. Pretty much any old stereo from the 90's with rca inputs is going to do a far better job than some shitty noname brand plug-and-go speakers.
  3. What i would do is go to a shop and listen to some things.
    Don't even look at the specs just listen.. sometimes there are set's with better specs but the sound is worse..
    Most of the time you can connect a ipod/iphone/mp3player with a cable.
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