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This is a difficult one but as the invaders had silly pants, funny noses and weird hats I'm inclined to think they deserved it.

The British invaded us !!!
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  1. Aahh good thing.

    Then, remove Union Jack from the flag? (and tell the queen the shorter way to the beach?
  2. Excellent.

    We may need to call on France if the diplomatic process of booting the poms out gets a bit troubling ... since you have a lot of experience sinking their ships over the last 1000 years.

    Send us 1000 hot Fench maids to expedite the process please?

    I am so sick of the British royal family ... they have no relevance to Australian culture now and it is high time we told them to pi$$ off.

    Like we need their protection any more as a colony.

    We keep letting the poms immigrate here ... which is compounding the problem.

    We need to make sure our kids know much more about aboriginal culture ... which is very simple and yet also complex and deep.

    Some of their art is simply astounding and the dreamtime stories are somehow different every time one is told ...

    Anyway ... my apologies for dribbling.
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