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I am trying to get a pc working at the moment. It is a Packard Bell and should run XP but I cannot get it started.

I wanted to rebuild the PC using the recovery disks but I am not getting that far.

What is happening is if I boot the PC up and go into the BIOS the PC stays up but if I then reboot and try to boot to the recovery CD it shuts down.

I have tried different power supplies, hard drives and CDRom drives but exactly the same thing happens. I have tried reseating most of the hardware connected to the motherboard but again this has not helped.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get this sorted?


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  1. If you tried a new power supply, issue may be with RAM or the motherboard, try those. Although if you don't have any spares, and start into replacing that you may be better off just buying a new computer.
  2. Just tried the memory and that did not help.
  3. What are the computer specs & the power supply wattage & the Operating system Would initially help especially if you did any upgrading to the computer.

    Lots of possibilities & one can be hard drive failure & to test is if you have another hard drive or Flash drive bigger then 4gb you put XP on it & load/install on there and just start eliminating those possibilities.
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