Laptop Troubles!

I have an Acer/Aspire laptop, which will be two years old in December.
I used to have problems with it and formatted the entire drive about 3 months ago.
In April, (2 months ago) I was using it and had to leave it for a second, and when I came back it was off. I figured the battery must have died, (it was actually around time to replace the battery, because I couldn't use my laptop for a long time NOT plugged in without it dying) so I plugged it into the charging cord and turned it on. It booted up to the first Acer screen, and then shut off. Then it restarted. Made it to the Acer screen, shut off. It repeated that process until I took the battery out AND unplugged the laptop.
My parents thought that it might have been because the battery was so burnt out.
So we ordered a new one from Acer, which came in 3/4 weeks.
I got it today. I replaced the old battery with the new one, and plugged it in just in case it wasnt already charged.
My laptop continued to do the whole, shutdown-restart-shutdown-restart procedure until I took out the battery and unplugged it.
Does anyone know why my laptop is doing this?! I need this laptop, and my parents arent exactly willing to buy me a new one.
Help, please!

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By the way, I thought I should add that my laptop worked fine after being formatted for like a whole month! I don't know what changed!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Let me see if I'm understanding the entire picture. Your laptop (What model Acer Aspire?) started acting up over 4 months ago. When you say it was acting up, are you talking about not being able to hold a charge? are you talking about overheating? or just generally lagging and not performing as it had?
    You also say that you couldn't use it for any length of time on battery alone, when did that issue begin?
    Last two questions for my interrogation (almost seems like it huh?) here.
    What type of surface is the laptop usually used on?
    When the power cable is plugged into the laptop does the connection feel solid?
    Sorry for the interrogation but... it'll help
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