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Would you recommend LG Cinema 3D? Reviews, anyone?
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  1. I would! I know someone who owns it and frankly, it's amazingly good. I think I might get one for myself.. I don't know how much you know about passive technology but basically, it uses battery free 3D glasses which are also flicker free. This means no headaches :) Some people would argue that active tech 3D TVs have better quality but really, I think Cinema 3D is just as good. The 3D effect is really noticeable and the extra lighting that comes as a given is great for viewing.
    It also has a 2D to 3D conversion feature so you can enjoy anything in 3D!

    hope this helps :)
  2. LG Cinema 3D is great mainly because it is passive tech. But not just that, it improves on its features. Like, flicker free tech. Sure, Vizio has it too but Cinema 3D is certified by TUV and Intertek. Also, Cinema 3D is brighter because of its Light Boost Tech, which makes the images nearly twice as bright. If you're someone with bad eyesight such as myself, this is a great plus!
    the glasses are comfortable to wear for hours on end, they are lightweight and effective. also easy to replace in case you lose one or break one.
    Unlike the active 3D TVs, Cinema 3D has wide viewing angle. Which means you can watch it from any position, in a wider range. So you can lie back, relax and enjoy some quality 3D!
  3. Yeah man, this TV is great! I was kind of hesitant about purchasing a new set, especially a 3D one.. I was worried that the manufacturers would only focus on the 3D part and what happens if I want to watch just normal, 2D, you know? But it's not true! LG Cinema 3D makes even the normal 2D better by making it brighter and better quality. I am really happy w this product, love the cool glasses and the cheapness of it all, haha
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