Hello, I need help! not urgent but it'd be helpful fast,

I have a 46 inch Samsung tv, and a ps3 i used on it many times connecting with a hdmi wire, throughout the year it's been working perfectly. But my old hdmi wire broke after taking it out to unplug my ps3 completely, so today i went out and bought a new hdmi wire, after i tried connecting the wire from my ps3 to my t.v it connected, when i switched it to " tv " to hdmi 1, it had no signal, i kept doing this repeately and it had the saem effect over and over, so i gave up, I even brought out the old wires to connect to the t.v and they didnt even work. I even tried another t.v ( same one as mine ) and it had the same reaction.
I don't know the problem that i am having but maybe somebody could give me an idea what to do. Please and Thank you!!!
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  1. Try a different output on the PS3, if neither cable worked, nor a different TV, HDMI out could be broken.
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