How good are E-machines laptops in 2010?

Hello everybody!

There is this laptop EMachines eME525 selling for only 280$! To be honest I had never heard about this brand, I started to search about it and found that's now owned by Acer but also found TOO MANY people complaining about those E-Machines laptops in the past.

How are those laptops now? Would you buy it? I'm interested in buying the cheapest laptop possible and this seems to be great... 15.6" 2.2 GHz CPU, 3 GB ram, 250 gb HD for 280$!

But, will it survive? or it will crash after few months?

Thanks for your time answering!
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  1. majesty88, I bought exactly the machine you are talking about. E-Machine is owned by Gateway which in turn is owned by Acer. I was apprehensive at first but have been pleasantly surprised.

    I tried Toshiba, Compaq and Acer brands before getting this one. $ for $, this is the best deal I have found and stands up to the three brands I mentioned above.

    It is too soon to know how long it will last for me, but my search found eMachine desktops holding up great.
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