Programs in Windows 7 won\'t start/load/run

Hi :) I am trying to help my uncle who is at home on a new HP computer that the internet was installed on this last week. The phone guy hooking it up got on his computer and said he was all set. He went to turn on computer on gets a blue screen with the window 7 icon but it is frozen on there and he can't get anything else to come up on the screen. I told him I would try to help him online so I am hoping someone will be kind enough to clue us in.
Thank you, Tim
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  1. Since it is a new machine a virus shouldn't be out of the question. Have him try and boot into safe mode and install some sort of security software like Microsoft security essentials.

    Otherwise perhaps he should try warranty service.

    The problem we're currently facing is you're asking us to diagnose a car over the phone. We simply need a whole lot more info to be able to solve a problem for you.

    You could also try memtest86 to test the ram. Or try booting to a live CD to view the smart data from the HDD. Or you could try and put in the windows disk and do a system repair. The possibility's are endless when such limited info is supplied.
  2. His HP probably has a recovery partition, this can be utilised to restore the machine back to factory settings. Need to know the model to be able to advise, but meanwhile consider returning to vendor, as it shouldn't behave like that! Unless the 'Phone Man' inadvertently left a virus... don't see why he would need his laptop to set up internet anyway...
  3. Return to seller. They can't sell you something that is not in proper working order.
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