New Acer as1410 drains battery when off - does your laptop do this too

My new AS1410-2285 (11.6" SU2300 based laptop) will drain the battery about 5% per day when off.

I have:
- turned off wake on LAN/Magic packets
- updated to the latest BIOS
- made sure I've turned the laptop OFF. It is not in sleep or hibernate
- I checked the system logs and the laptop is not powering up by itself at any time to perform any function.
- the battery does not discharge by itself if it is removed from the laptop. So the laptop itself is drawing parasitic power.

I don't use my laptop everyday. I use it when I need to do work on the road, on a business trip or on vacation. It will sit for days or weeks at a time. At 5% discharge per day I'll have a dead battery in < 20 days.

I haven't seen much on the web about this problem so it is either rare, or people use their laptops all the time and don't notice. A few other people have mentioned their Acer 1410 or 1810 do it too, and others have seen other brands do this.

I'm considering returning it for replacement, or refund (better stuff always comes out later right?)

I'm used to leaving my older Dell full size laptop alone for a month and being able to pick it up, power it up and still get a few hours out of it.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just the way laptops are these days?
I wish this parameter were tested for in reviews.

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  1. Just got a reply over at laptopreviews from another guy that bought the same laptop during the same deal. He's got the same problems.

    So it's either a bad batch, or this is 'normal' for this laptop.

  2. Found this when looking for other Acer owners with problem. This link is to someone with a problem with their Acer AspireOne. Took 3 tries to get it fixed but they finally did with a power board replacement.

    Interesting read. I'd like to know if this would fix mine or it is indeed a bios problem.
  3. I did Acer tech support's suggestion to 'reset the power circuit', 100% charged the battery, let left the laptop off for 3 days. Powered it up today and my batt is at 84%. So it's still draining the battery at ~5% a day.

    This coming week I'll RMA this and hope that they can fix the problem.
  4. Too lazy to RMA it right now. FWIW, a few others have come out of the woodwork and mentioned theirs too has this drain problem. Must just be the SU2300 version - don't know why though.
  5. I'm tired of this. Nothing I do affects the battery self drain problem. Just filled out the RMA request on Acer's website and am in the process of charging it overnight so it can drain on the way to them.
  6. I my 1410 back from RMA repair for the battery drain issue. Nothing was done.
    "Repair Comments: Power switch is software driven and will use power even when not powered on. Within factory specs."

    I guess that ends that.

    It would be great if laptop reviews would measure charge loss when a laptop is off. It may be common for some brands and models, but it should be published and not left to us end users to find out on our own.

  7. This is an interesting problem. I was about to buy a 1410 when I saw this.

    By the way, when the say "within factory specs," that prompted me to look for the specs. They are not listed in the users guide or support guide, or anywhere else that I can find on their website.
  8. Acer came out with a new Bios that may fix the battery drain when off problem.
    I flashed my netbook a few nights ago. Will power it up tomorrow, 3 days later.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that the battery drain is now negligible.
  9. Yay! With the new bios, after 72 hours of being off I've only lost 5% charge. Before I was losing 5-6% per day.

    Version 3314, "Fixes NumLock, CapsLock and threeG LED power leakage after EC enter deep idle."
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