Logitech Z-5500 + SB1090 + Sager NP8662

Hey all,

I know nothing about audio, but I love music! I've been trying to do research for a few hours, but keep getting confused.

Here's my current setup:

Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers (fronts, rears, center, sub)
Soundblaster 1090 USB Card
Sager NP8662 Laptop

I want the best possible audio quality setup...down to drivers and up to cable setup.

Here's the back of the SB1090:

Here's the back of the Logitech control pad:

Here's the cables included between both hardware sets:
(from logitech)

(from soundblaster)

I have no other cables, but am willing to buy whatever is needed.

I will ONLY be running the speakers to the sb1090 and then directly to laptop - no xbox, tv, etc. I have the green/orange/black cable hooked up to the logitech and soundblaster via the Y-Splitter (each color hooked up from the logitech control pad to the sb1090 rear/sub/left/right ports) - but I feel like I'm losing some quality by doing that???

How do I get the best sound quality possible? :cry: :confused:
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  1. The answer is not to be using the Z-5500s.
  2. astrallite said:
    The answer is not to be using the Z-5500s.

    he did say possible.
  3. astrallite said:
    The answer is not to be using the Z-5500s.

    What? Why not. They are fairly good PC speakers.

    I want to have the best possible audio quality of my setup - that means:

    "what freakin' cables and settings do I need to have?"
  4. well its pretty straight forward... just connect the digital cable to the output of the sound card. and connect the inputs of the soundcard to teh outputs of your PC, if its USB powered, then the output of teh PC is the USB. i didnt bother reading about that soundcard, cos its straight forward really.
  5. Well...go back and read my post then advise me please.

    I currently have it connected via cables, not sure if I would get a better quality with digital coaxial or optical cables though..........
  6. Your speakers are the weakest link, I really don't see a point to upgrading your cables. Those are just the facts.
  7. Then what PC speakers should I go out and buy?
  8. either by the most expensive 2.1 or 2.0 pc speakers, or go and buy reference monitors, not really much more expensive, but they are somewhat better.

    check yamaha and m-audio, as thats the only company i can find which i assume will fit in your 'assumed' price range.
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