Connect laptop to this computer

I would like to connect the pc to a laptop
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  1. You can use Velcro, or Glue, or just stack them if you want a temporary solution.

    If you mean you want to transfer data between them, hook them up to the same network. Do a web search on "setting up a home network". You may want to add some more details like WHY you want to connect them and what your network setup is like, etc...
  2. herrey said:
    If you are getting wireless on your computer then go to PC with lan wire, go to system relationships and choose your wireless and lan relationship, then right click on and link relationships. you should be good to go.

    There is no such setting as "relationship" anything, you may be trying to use the wrong word here. Plus this does not really make any sense no matter what the question was, what were you trying to have him do here?
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