Do I need a digital splitter when using a cable box


I have an analogue TV which, until yesterday, was connected to the cable without a cable box. My old set-up had the cable connecting to one of those five-plug metal things (I don't know what they're called.) I connected a VCR and VCR/DVD to the metal thing and then connected both recorders to an A/B switch, which itself was then connected to the TV.

Yesterday Brookhaven Cable, an Optimum company, forced and everyone else to get a cable box. I couldn't get it to work, so a technician came over abd hooked it directly to the A/B switch, disconnecting the two recorders in the process. He told me that I couldn't use the set-up I was using before the box was installed. I don't understand why, byut I do know that now I can't record anything!

Can anyone give me advice? How do I connect the cable to thw recorders?
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  1. thats really unfortunate, stupid cable companies man... im not really familiar with these but just wanted to wish you goodluck.. and bump your post for ya
  2. The problem is that your cable company took the tuning capabilities of your VCR and VCR/DVD recorder and nullified them by installing the set top box. The only way you'll be able to record now is to connect the output from the box they installed to the input of either the VCR or VCR/DVD Recorder and then from the output of whichever machine you hook up, to the input of your old analogue TV. The recorder (just like you TV before) will have to be set to channel 3 or 4.

    -Wolf sends
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