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i have attempted to hook up a kinetic 5.1 sound speaker system to my olevia hdtv. i only get sound from one speaker, yet the system plays all 5 speakers in am/fm stereo receiver mode. i have attempted audio cables (red, blue and green) along with the 2 hdmi cables required. what should i try.
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    Audio cables are only Red and White. The Red/Blue/Green cables are for component video only. The single Yellow cable is for composite video only. HDMI should carry both audio and video from the receiver to the HDTV.

    Please list the specific manufacturer and model number of each component in your setup as well as what the video source is (Cable box, PC, DVD/Blu-Ray, etc...).

    -Wolf sends
  2. thank you
  3. does the 5.1 system have optical input and your tv have optical output.

    the best way i have found to connect everything is to connect via hdmi to the tv and the tv will output the full singal received from the hdmi source by the optical output to the stereo,, the only downfall is some tv's won't bypass DTS audio and in that case you won't get any sound.

    perhaps you have the HDMI hooked up to the tv expecting sound to go to the stereo? if you do not have the optical option, you have to connect your devices to the stereo and have only the "output" hdmi go on to the TV.
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