Computer Random Stutdown, Please Help

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Hey, So not long back i got a new computer and it was working fine! Then a few weeks back my screen started forming red and white squares then it makes a black screen starts up and says "nvidia drivers have stopped responding and have recovered" and does this about every 20 seconds then it does it but the screen does not start back up! so i have to restart my computer and it does it all over again! I'v try researching this over and over again but can't find any good reason for this. I'v been getting very annoyed and just wondered if there was any advise you could give me?

My pc specs are :

Intel i5 760

8 gb ram

gtx 460

700w evo lab psu

1tb hard dive

I took a picture of it with my phone for what happening to the screen!



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  1. Can you provide the PC brand and Model number please ?
  2. the pc is just a costom build! made with diffident parts, so no key or anything
  3. Have you managed to sort out the issue yet ?

    Sorry I lost track of the post
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