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I have an active speaker system Xover are Behringer Ultrapro 2496 but the pteamp and amps are Rotel hence not high voltage level lines. I would like to find a HiFi or high end preamp that has balanced XLR outputs to the digital crossovers but at high level (I think professional equipment is at about 4.0V out instead of 1-1.5V out for consumer gear).
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  1. Most stand-alone pre-amps should have no problems outputting 7Vrms. Marantz, Parasound, or Emotiva.
  2. depends on how the XLR is wired, if you connect pin 1 (earth) and pin 3 (-) together, you will get a much higher level.
  3. the current preamp is a Rotel RC995. It has 2 XLR outs next to RCA outs. I don't know where to find its manual so I don't know if this is a real XLR out, the preamp will certainly not be a balanced preamp. I think it just has an extra small circuitry added to give XLR out an be able to input into amps that have a balanced XLR input.

    In my active speaker system I use:

    the rotel RC995 preamp
    2 XLR wires from the preamp to both Behringer DC2496 digital crossovers
    4 speaker channels are used per behringer - the XLR outs of the Behringer are then wired back to unbalanced and go into homebuilt switchable resistor voltage dividers to bring the crossover voltage outs back to an acceptable level for the unbalanced RCA inputs of the 4 amps used:

    2 Rotel RB991 (200W/channel) doing the Bass and the mid-bass speakers
    2 Rotel RB 1070 (130 W/channel) doing the Mid and trebble speakers

    The RB991 have also an XLR input but again probably just a circuitry to enable XLR input, the rest of the amplifier will not be balanced.

    So I use the RCA inputs to all 4 amps with the signals out of the voltage dividers.

    This is the issue:
    - the Behringers expect high level voltage in as usual in professional/PA equipment but the preamp is home audio hence lower level out
    - I have to amplify the inputs 15dB to have acceptable input signal level otherwise operating to close to the noise level
    - I need the switchable voltage dividers after the crossover and hence have to power level:
    - Low where I can turn the preamp to slightly above mid level before the inpunt and outputs of the Xovers start clipping, and still have acceptable sound levels for normal listening

    - High where I can only turn the preamp volume to about 10 Oclock and have real high power, theXover inpus still very far from max level.

    So in all not a very handy system.

    So I would prefer to have a preamp that can put out a high level signal into the Behringers.
    Now for professional/PA equipment one would only find like a mixer/preamp, today quite often with digital equilizer & the lots, where I would prefer to have a very linear preamp with minimal controls.
  4. I just checked the rated output voltage of the RC995 preamp and it is only 1.0V.
  5. when I look at the specs of a typical behringer preamp-mixer it has 22dBu out unbalanced and 28dBu out balanced.
    Have to llok up how to convert that to voltage out.

  6. 28 dBu = 19.5 V RMS
    22 dBu = 9.75 V RMS
    hence far higher than the 1.0 V out of my Rotel preamp.

  7. Can anyone please help me firther?

  8. Parasound Halo P3 is rated to 8Vrms at clipping.
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