How do I free up space on dvd/cd rw D drive

How do I free up space on dvd/cd rw D drive
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    The standard (and time tested) method is to put in a new blank DVDrw or CDrw disk and archive the full one.
  2. Your CD burning program will be able to format the DVD RW disk. As long as it's a RW disk you used and not just a R one. From what you posted, your disk drive is RW but that does not mean the disk is.
  3. Be aware that writing direct to CD-RW by formatting it for "packet writing" and using "drag-to-disc" is the most unreliable form of writing to CD and often results in data loss after only a few weeks.

    It's much better to use normal burning software like Nero (or one of the free equivalents) and even better still if you avoid using re-writable media altogether.
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