Calibrating a new Dell U2711 display to Apple standards

Would it be possible to calibrate the new Dell u2711 display to a point where the color characteristics were a very close match to Apple's current displays? I ask because I have been UNsuccessful at calibrating previous Dell and Samsung LCD monitors to be a good match (simplistically, the difference is that the whites are just whiter on my PowerBook). I'm using the standard calibration software that ships with a Mac.

Or does Apple do some special magic in hardware that will be difficult/impossible to reproduce.

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  1. I think you are experiencing the cultural difference between Mac and PC.

    It's easier for Apple to control what colours you ultimately see because the graphics hardware and the screen are specified and fettled to work together.

    I've seen vast differences in quality when swapping one monitor between different PCs, due to the different video cards in use.

    Apple are tools of choice for designers to whom accurate colour is important.

    Most of the emphasis in PC video cards is either on price or on speed for gaming.

    I would guess, that by shopping around you could find a PC video card/monitor combination that matched Apple after much adjustment -- it may not actually be worth the effort when you could just buy another Apple.
  2. fihart, that makes a lot of sense. Apple definitely gets a lot of quality benefit from their tight integration of components and software/hardware.

    I just want to clarify that I'm not looking a PC video card / monitor combination. I would actually like to pair a larger monitor with my MacBook Pro, and I want to ensure that the color characteristics are similar to the MBP's built in screen.

    The ideal size would be 27", so I was thinking about the Dell U2711, which apparently has a very good quality panel. Apple doesn't have a product in this range right now (or, as you say, I would probably just save myself a lot of effort and just buy it).
  3. I suspect you'll have to roll up at a dealer with the MacBook under your arm and some colour swotch cards that you know are reproduced accurately on Apple screens -- if you are in the UK you'll know them as Pantone cards (reference for printers, art directors etc).

    It's certainly true that Dell do some very nice displays at the mo -- as do Philips/Samsung (who probably made the Dell display I looked at).
  4. Yes, I would love to do that, but Dell doesn't have a showroom, right? BTW, just this morning I came across this review of the U2711.
  5. Depends where you are -- in UK Dell now sells thru PC World stores, Curry's and others . They had a major rethink about distribution a couple of years ago.

    If no joy have a look at Samsung and Philips range.
  6. The Dell U2711 should quite solidly beat the Macbook's built in screen for color capability and accuracy.
  7. cjl said:
    The Dell U2711 should quite solidly beat the Macbook's built in screen for color capability and accuracy.

    unfortunately it doesnt, the AG coating and oversaturation the U2711 has makes colours next to useless for designers - if you work with anything that has a skin tone in it you will know what i mean.

    if your running a mac system or you want colour accuracy, dont bother with this monitor, we bought one due to it been cheaper than the apple, serves us right for been tight!
  8. try to use a color munky form xrite its an affordable solution to linearize your workflow, but make no mistake about linearizing, because it will help you to work in a more common ambience (talking about color in displays) but remember that those are different displays, this color munky (is hardware) comes ina bundle with a pretty intuitive software to make your displays match to some degree.
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