HP Mini Note 2133 will not power on


I have an HP Mini Note 2133 that will not power on. When I plug in the AC adapter the light right next to the DC jack will light up blue/white then turn off after 1 second if there is no battery installed. If the battery is installed, the battery charge/orange light with light and stay on.

Here's the problem: The power button does nothing, and does not light up when pressed, with or without the battery.

Nothing lights up, there are no beeps, or fan noises, or anything. The computer is completely unresponsive except for the DC jack light.

Here's what I've tried:
1. Swapping for known working RAM, trying to start with no RAM
2. Trying to start it with and without a hard drive connected
3. Trying with and without a wireless card attached
4. With and without the LCD attached
5. Swapping the motherboard with a new motherboard, still in the box. Tried three different motherboard from different suppliers.
6. Tried two different, known working power adapters
7. tried bench testing the motherboard, i.e.. just the motherboard and power switch and power supply. Also tried this with and without RAM
8. RAM tested fine in a different computer
9. Tried a different palmrest/power switch, thinking that maybe the power switch itself was bad. No luck there.
10. With and without an external monitor attached.
11. Yelling at it.

At this point I'm completely at a loss. So far I've spent about $50 on parts trying to fix this machine. I know that it's possible to just write it off and put the hard drive into an external enclosure, but I would really prefer to fix this computer if at all possible.

If you kind people have any suggestions or possibilities I'd love to hear them. I feel like I'm on a quest to not let this computer beat me. Thank you very much.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums where we attempt to allieviate hair pulling issues,
    I'm very suprised yelling at it had no effect... you haven't tried kicking though, but that is a much later step.
    Sounds very much like a defective power jack (the part on the inside of the unit). It is not an impossible fix in fact it is a fairly common occurance. If you are adept at soldering, you can fix it yourself very cheaply (about $5 for the part), I could find no youtube videos for your specific model though.
    A shop that will handle that type of repair will usually charge ~$100 for the job (if that's what the problem is)
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