Dell Dimension 4700 Shuts down and re-boots every 5 to 10 mins

Hello I have a Dell Dimension 4700 2.8 ghz Intel P 4 80 gig HD 4 GB of Ram.

First the 10/100 Internet socket stopped working I picked up a network card and installed it, fixed that problem, Then a few months later the PC would shut down and reboot time and time again I then paid the price dell wanted to fix it via online, it worked for a good 6 months and now it is back to doing the same thing. Now I feel there might be something wrong with the motherboard or PSU.

any help would be great Thank you

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  1. Could be a power supply issue.
  2. Hi

    This is Mani from the Dell social media Team,
    In order to determine if it is a software issue you can check for the error if any that is causing the computer to restart, you need to disable automatic restart. This is in the advanced tab of system properties under startup and recovery. Also check event viewer for any errors. These are the steps you can perform to isolate if the issue is related to the motherboard or any hardware component.
    The system over heats
    Beeps when it restarts
    Please post back and let me know if you need more help.
    Thanks and regards
    Social Media Responder
  3. Dell_Mani < you need to register with best of media to represent dell in this forum.
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