So confused about what HDTV to get, way to much information.

So I am trying to decide on a HDTV and I think I have one picked out but I can't find the Response time on it, its the Panasonic TCL32C3( )

I was told this was the best in my price range, is that true? Is IPS really better etc....I hear different opinions, some say to get LED, others plain LCD, then some people swear by Plasma, I will be using this for HD content and SD content(Old 90's shows mainly)

Is this good? Should I consider something else? I don't wanna go over 350... :o
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  1. Right now, Plasma TV's offer the highest picture quality on the market theoretically.

    However if you are buying a TV, my recommendation is to definitely go with an LED-LCD.

    Plasma's are dying out quick and will be off the shelves quite soon. LED-LCD TV's offer a picture that goes toe-to-toe with plasma's (the good ones), however it weighs a fraction as much, it produces a fraction of the heat, it is a fraction of the thickness, it takes up a fraction of the power, and is immune to burn-in (plasma is not).

    Therefore in my opinion, LED-LCD TV's are superior to Plasma. (New Laservue and OLED TV's are better but aren't really available and come at a cost unnatainable for most on the market).
  2. I think this one is LED, I read that somewhere, its IPS also apparently.

    So this is good? It is LED right? If not how does these IPS screens compare to LED?
  3. The TV you linked to is a regular CCFL LCD, I didn't see any LED specifications on it.

    IPS screens are LCD screens. IPS screens have thier crystals aligned differently for an improved viewing angle. You can have a LED and a IPS monitor I think, because LED is just a different form of backlighting, which is different from alignment of crystals to display the light.
  4. Hmmm, any good LED ones in that price range? I honestly could not find much, but my searching methods sorta are bad on these types of things....
  5. Well LED screens are starting to replace LCD's right now, you should be able to find tons of small monitors and TV's that are LED.
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