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Last April 2011, I bought a new pretty laptop Packard Bell with good running condition and having Norton antivirus. Last month May 2012 exceeds as one year my antivirus was expired and it continues showing an alert that needs to update or reinstall it again the Norton. What I did it now, I purchased new Norton and I installed then run to scan the full system. I am so glad that Norton detects 21 defected files and suddenly resolved. I closed my laptop during night time and felt comfortable what the antivirus did that night.

However, when I wake up in the morning my laptop did not open, I don’t know why? It just only appears up to startup. What shall I do where I lost my Window 7 recovery DISC?

Please help?

Thanks in advance for those who will share more ideas.
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  1. Need more details, how far does the laptop boot? Have you tried Safe Mode?

    Any error messages?
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