Canon S9000 printing problems

Hello, I have a Canon S9000 printer which I have had for a number of years. Recently the magenta nozzle quit printing despite repeated cleanings, new printhead, different make of inks, etc. I purchased another S9000 printer and new printhead only to have the same thing happen. I have physically washed out and purged the tank receptacles and nozzles drying thoroughly and with cleaning solution have a definite flow to the nozzle. I have several different photo editing and printing programs and the results are the same no matter which program or which photo I use. I have uninstalled the printer driver and downloaded fresh and installed from Canon and still the same. I have uninstalled and freshly installed my photo editing programs with the same result. Anyone have anything wierd like this happen. I have even changed the USB cable several times along with printer locations. Harold
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  1. ask for support to canon or (if applicable) ask for waranty

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