Need advice to properly hook up my comp to lcd tv

Hello. I just bought a 25" lcd tv I would like to use as a monitor. My 8800gt has dual dvi out and s-video.

The tv has vga, s-video, hdmi and of course component connectors. Should I buy a dvi to hdmi adapter for the 8800gt to use hdmi, get a dvi to vga cable, or vga to vga cable using the dvi to vga adapter I have now ? What would give me the best picture quality ?

Please disregard the above post. The lcd tv/monitor I bought didnt come with any cables. And Im not going to pay an extra 20 to 30 bucks for them. Its goin' back. Instead I got this : .Comes with all the cables I will need better response time too. (and cheaper)
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  1. Well, you can use the S-Video for don't spend your money, with the HDMI adapter you lose the quality, aslo with the DVI adapter.
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