Looking for a TV Expert to help me decide on a TV

I am looking for a good TV for my new home. I dont really know what to look for. I know I want one of the newer LED-LCD TVs and I want it to bea 50-55" with awesome picture quality. My budget is $1250-$1500

I was considering this one but I want to get more opinions because I dont know if there are better out for a better price:

Thanks for the help. If you have any questions for me let me know.
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  1. i just bought my father in law the 55" LG 55LK520, LED tv, paid 1350ish, it was also just on sale at costco for a little more,, if your in western Canada, try Visions, they are typically cheapest go to place.

    we at first bought the toshiba, terrible sound quality, went back and got LG, much better picture and sound and has some other extras as well (smart tv)

    samsung is a good choice as well, but puts you outside of your budget as it is typically more expensive
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