Medusa nx 5.1 headset problem :(

Don't know if it's the right place to ask, but here I go!

Two/three days ago i bought this headset and I'm pretty happy about it. But there was one problem, the left speaker (bass) was crackling, fuzzy, don't know how to call the sound... It sounded just like when my phone drowned in water, then the speaker would just "crackle" when playing something... So about an hour ago it just stopped working at all. I mean I open up the speaker configuration in Realtek HD audio manager (I don't have a sound card, I'm using the motherboards Realtek "sounds" (my motherboard is a P45TS and is using the "ALC888 audio codec")) and when i press the subwoofer only one speaker (right) bass'es my ears out. All other speakers work fine. Somewhere, at some review of this godly headset the guy said that his speaker would just crackle a lil' bit, but he didn't sound annoyed or disapointed, he was happy about his headset... He said something about that he is using the onboard sound too, so he needs to buy a sound card to make it sound right. Is this true? I also read somewhere that i can get the most out of this headset if I use an X-fi sound card, it was written that the sound card enhances bass 'n sh*t... Well i would want to believe that, because I do want to buy a sound card. But what I really want to know is: is the headset broken or do I need a sound card?

P.S. I can replace my headset, but i want to know first if that or that, because I don't want to hear the same subwoofer crackling again when i replace the headset...

It's just getting sad - paying 70-80bucks for a headset, that annoys me when one speaker is vibrating my brains out and the other one doesn't... I have google'd the sh*t out off google to find the answer, but have not find anyone who experienced a problem I'm having
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  1. Anybody? :(
  2. Ok this is getting annoying, this morning the left subwoofer started working again, but with the same "fuzzyness" and in the middle of a song (was listening to metallica) the left sub just turned off, stopping the crackling also the vibration...

    Please, someone, answer my question - do I need to replace the headset because of a broken speaker or do I need a soundcard? I did some research today and i read almost all off the high-end headsets/earphones need a sound card.

    Omg the subwoofer just started up again, wtf?
  3. BUMP
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