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Hi guys, just a quick one.

Doing a laptop battery test and wanted to know what you would suggest as a quick battery drain. I'm not after anything real-world, just something that will hammer the machine and get the test out of the way pretty promptly and preferably in a way that it doesn't matter what else is installed!

I don't need any sort of a timer or anything as I have 2 systems that will just sit next to each other and duke it out!

These are identical single core Intel systems with Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M GPUs.

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  1. Linx + Furmark or occt/linpack + furmark should drain the battery pretty fast.
  2. I would've thought running prime95 and furmark together should really drain these machines.
  3. Going for OCCT. Cheers!
  4. I would opt for prime95, and plug in a few power hungry USB devices (a couple of external 2.5" HDDs and a Smartphone on charge will hammer the battery in no time).
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