How to do head allighnment in cannon printer

ijust put the cartridge i my cannon mx 330 and its telling me to do head allighnment.what do i do
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  1. I guess it will be similar to my canon model (MP620). I enter the 'My printer' program - a shortcut was probably put on your desktop when you installed the printer, but if you can't see it should be able to double-click the printer icon in the bottom right of the screen to start it. I then select 'printer settings; and then 'maintenance', and head alignment is an option listed. Hopefully your route is fairly similar - once you are in the control program it should be fairly easy to find, so have a look around. Good luck.
  2. Look in your programs menu, and look for a maintenance tool.
  3. for windows OS:

    go to control panel-> printer and faxes
    right click on your printer, select Properties - find a tab called Maintenance and search for the option you just asked

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