Why cant i see my ps3 screen when its connected to surround sound

i have connected my tv and dvdr to surround sound, but when i connect the ps3 to surround sound i can hear it but cannot see it, is there a way to correct this problem?
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  1. details?

    the two ways you can hook up a ps3 system are to:

    hook up an hdmi cable direct from ps3 to tv and an optical spdif from ps3 to receiver.

    or hook ps3 to tv direct and make sure your receiver is set to pass the video signal through to your television.

    i'm guessing you just need to change a setting on your receiver. or perhaps you do not have your television set on the proper input.
  2. Does the surround sound box have just an audio pass-through? Which means video cant run through your surround sound box.
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