I want to record tapes track by track?

Hello, I have a Digitech usb tape deck and I want to record tapes track by track onto pc then burn to cd is there a program that will do this for me
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  1. Blakes 7 ??? Presumably in the UK (cos surely nobody else remembers that one).

    To do what you plan you need a free program like Audacity which digitises analogue music and can save the files as WAVs. Windows Media Player will then burn a CD which will play on your home hifi CD player or car radio.

    If you want MP3 files for iPod etc -- Audacity plug-in will do that too.

    In either case you need to save each track as a separate file in Audacity. There are programs which try to split automatically using silences between tracks but they are not 100% reliable.

    There are programs which allow you to place file split markers on the screens between tracks (but both ones I tried were semi-pro programs and did much more than that so were very complex to understand.

    Audacity is relatively simple.

    If you aren't happy with using WMP to burn (and I'm not) download Koyotesoft CD Easy program or Ashampoo Lite -- excellent freeware CD burners.
  2. hi and thanks i have Audacity but I need a program where i can type in the track names as they,re being recorded. audacity will not let me adjust the bit rate which i need to set to 165 or slower audacity will only let me record the tape under the name that I type in Any suggestions would be helpful thanks Colin P.S I live in Australia
  3. I think you can create the file names in Audacity as you save the files. Anyway you can always change the file names afterwards.

    As for bit-rate, I'd explore the options.

    For economic or free alternatives to Audacity have a look at the popular download sites -- MajorGeeks, FileHippo, CNET etc.

    As I said, the serious professional tools I tried on a friend's machine could probably do all you need BUT they were so complicated to use because designed to do much more than Audacity -- and hilariously expensive.
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