Custom modding mouse / keyboard to be more quiet

Does anyone have any experience opening up, and making mice / keyboard more quiet?

I need to silence my keystrokes and clicks while I PvP next to sleeping people.

I just purchased the microsoft X6 keyboard, and am planning to get the razer naga. I want to put pads on the keyboard's space, enter, and WASD keys (and maybe some others) and look into how to silence that annoying clicking sound my mouse's main button makes.

Anyone have experience with this? is it a bad idea to take these apart? Keep in mind I am experience in soldering, and have very few problems with disassembling, fixing, and reassembling many laptops.

Thanks in advance!
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    In most mice that I have used (and busted), the click comes from the tactile pushbutton which is attached to the circuit board. To silence it, you would have to find a dimensionally similar switch which did not click. One other possibility would be to take the switch off and use the rubber contact from something like a calculator keypad (I'm sure you've seen these). These strips have black conductive buttons on the back; I don't know what they're made of, but I measured one once and it had basically no resistance, so if you could get it to reliably bridge the switch solder pads, these might work. I think that most keyboards already have these for the contacts, so padding the keys would be your only gain. Felt is the material used in pianos, so a pack of felt pads might be useful. I don't know how hard mice are to get back together, so, though I'd do it, I can't recommend it. I take everything apart, so don't construe that as a thumbs up for the try. But - good luck, and tell us what you find. And maybe experiment on a cheaper mouse first.
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