Xw 8200 can support gtx470?

Hi there, i want to chang my graphics card, i want to buy gtx470, but it is to larg someone have any idea if is can plugin in? Thanks.
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  1. I could find no info on your PSU other than it's 600W so here's the thing...
    I think the GTX 470 should fit the case no problem but (big but) I don't know if you have two 6 pin (or a 6 and a 6+2) PCI-E connectors for the graphics card. If you do, it should work fine. If you do not have the PCI-E cables on your PSU, there are adapters but I will not recommend their use.
  2. Hey, C12friedman thanks. i have 600w power supply and for 6pin i will use this http://virtuapin.net/images/adapter-2x-molex-6pin.jpg, but thanks alot bro i just want to know if it can plug in :) thanks.
  3. You already said "it's too large" sounds to me that means you already know it won't fit.

    If that's not what you actually meant, the xw8200 is a workstation case, it looks like it has enough room for that video card.
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