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I just registered and this is my first post, I been usin thunderbird 800 mhz for ages, altough I'm generally happy with it, its not performing well with new games. And its as loud as my vacuum cleaner.So i have decided to get a completely new system, I'm going to splash out big bucks, so in return i want to get good system, and almost noiseless solution.there are 2 options either the new p4 3.2 ghz cpu's or the new bartons 3200+ with 400 fsb. as far as i understand they should all be available in may.I like amd maybe because i favor the underdogs all the time,and its overclockability. so which one should i go for? and as well should i go for raden 9800 pro or fx 5800 ultra? i heard fx is as lousy as a vacuum cleaner. it doesnt make any sense making a quite system with zalman psu's and heatsinks and then getting a very loud graphics card.I quite liked the hercules 9800 pro. So what do you guys think? will new 3200+ bartons on 400 fsb with hercules 9800 pro better then the p4 solution on even higher frontside bus?
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  1. * According to benchmark tests and such, the 9800 Pro is the fastest graphics card available.

    * Of course you could get a 2500+ processor now and overclock it to meet/beat a 3200+ processor. Pair it up with a mature version of an nforce2 board. Abit NF7-S Version 2.0, for example.
  2. Radeon 9800 PRO is the way to go for both performance and low-noise if money is no object. I like the Hercules 9800 PRO also...it is purdy and a very good overclocker. I'm seriously considering that one.

    Now, you will notice a huge improvement whether you go with the Athlon or the Intel, but the 3200+ on an i875 motherboard will win most benchmarks. It will also cost more, so that's up to you. Noise is going to be more a factor of which cooling solutions you choose. Much of the fan noise comes from the power supply and CPU cooler, along with any case fans you have--generally the graphics card is negligable compared to those (except with the GeForce FX Ultra.)

    If you're using the same case/cooling you've been using all along, you're probably not going to notice a reduction in noise. If you are building from the ground-up, you can specifically choose a case, power supply, CPU HSF, and case fans that offer quiet operation. If you REALLY want quiet, you could go with water-cooling, but that's very expensive, a little risky, and definitely not to be recommended for the novice.

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  3. Looking at your choice I think you don't have budget calling, so go for Pentium IV 3.0/3.2GHz w/i875P chipset combo and Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro. Intel way will certainly cost you more but I don't think AMD can come out with any surprises even after the official launch of Clawhammer. Loving underdog is fine but if you want true performance Intel is the way to go, at least for now.

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  4. I agree with TKH ... if you want ultimate performance go for P4 3.2 and a 875p board. Cobined with 9800 card that system will rock and amd system you can build...

    On a side not.. through some corsair ram on that baby and overclock to the moonn ;)

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  5. Again if money is no object that Intel/Ati combo won't let you down!

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  6. I agree with THK and LumberJack That P4 3.2 800 Fsb with Canterwood Mobo is they way to go. ATI 9800 the better Vid card. Corsair ram. New Case at least 400 plus watts psu. Time your done you have one heck of a system.
  7. If money really is not a problem, get an Intel. I'd always go with AMD, but I love doggies too... 8)

    For the card, get a 9800 Radeon. No question there.
  8. Have you looked at Tom's 875P chipset review? The 3.2GHz P4 would lay waste to the Athlon XP 3200+. In fact, so would the 3.0. Heck, using the CPU's he tested, even the P4 2.66 can beat an XP3000+

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  9. By the time the P4 3.2GHz is out the Abit Canterwood board may be out. I would choose it based on the quality of their NF7 series boards and BH7.
  10. Thanks guys, So I made up my mind, I will gor for the canterwood solution with hercules 9800 pro.Yeah I will be building from scract, I just ordered the lian-li pc65 case, people say they are one of the best.the new zalman 400watts psu, and only case fans are a question but i will get the low noise ones.I calculated the difference of the system with p4 3200, and athlon qould be at max $300. this because the motherboard and processor rest they will use the same components anyway.and i can compensate it for selling this crappy pc to my buddy:) whom he doesnt know anything about pc's bbut needs it to check his mails:)I made a list on the botton for the components i will get.
    *Lian-li pc65
    *zalman psu 400 watts
    *msi 875pe neo-fis2r motherboard
    *p4-3200/800 mhz
    *corsair twinxmemory, 1gb running at 400 mhz
    *maxtor diamnond max 9 133/8mb.80 gb.
    *aidigy 2
    *5.1 creative thx speakers
    *plextor cd-rewriter and dvd player from sony both black to match the case.
    *logitech mx 700 mouse and cordless black keyboard from logitech
    *sont 17" lcd sdm-x72 deluxe screen on black color.

    the estimate prize would be around $ 2500, i already got the screen, and input devices.the amd system would be around $2300 and in this case when spalshing out like this, for 200 more i will go for pentium solution,for better performance.the only questionmarks now is what heatsink and case fans. I know both zalman and coolermaster makes great ones with low noise and good rpm. so i will just wait for them untill the processor is out on the market.
  11. Don't buy the Corsair TWINXMemory because it has issues with the canterwood.


    And if you are going to OC you should get faster than 3200.
  12. I forgot, I'm always used to think, I will buy amd and overclock it to get some what closer to its pentium rival. In one rewiew i heard they over clocked the athlon3000+ to around runnung @2500 mhz. and this is without water colling or sacrificing low noise. there i was thinking when i can get a athlon 3200+ @2200 mhz, it can be easilyt overclocked even by a novice to at least 2600 mhz.now thats why i was always thinking of going with athlon. since at that rated speed, it will easily overthrow any of its pentium rivals. but i forgot the canterwood chipset and the processor is as well, easily overclocked. which is a suprprise fron intel.In fact i'm quite shocked with intel, they gave all those motherboard licences to almost every firm,This is so unlike them, my guess they are this time, really going to try to take amd out.by more systems, more alternatives available.which means they will be around the same price with its athlon equilavents.not a bad marketing move.
  13. hmmm what should i get than? the only 2 really good brands here available are kingston hyper x, and corsair. i would love to see ocz memory, but none around my area are selling them. i checked the kingston website they are quite compatible with msi neo-fis2r motherboards,i chosed corasir because of its name.
  14. * Klipsch 5.1 speakers would be a great choice. They're usually found on high-end gaming systems.

    * For memory, I would go with Corsair XMS - PC3200 or PC3500.

    * During the time you're waiting for P4 3.2, read reviews and check user feedback in forums and newsgroups in order to determine which canterwood motherboard is the best choice.
  15. Mushkin, Corsair, or Kingston are all fine-- just don't use the corsair LL series or the twinx series. Use the C2 designated ram if you get corsair, I'm not sure how the low latency stuff from the other vendors is working with i875... it may have problems or it may not.

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