Dead or stuck pixel?

Hi,i've bought a Samsung P2470H. So i've find a pixel that with:

Black,Red & Blue work good.
Green screen it is black
White screen it is red
Yellow screen is red too.

I've used udpixel to find it..
So it is stuck or dead?
Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Well, this sounds like the green is dead, but I'm not sure why it is not purple in the white screen. I haven't tried any myself, but I've heard of programs which change the pixel color rapidly to try to recover it. This might help.

    Actually, doing more research, this might be better.
  2. I've tried,but nothing.. it is the same.. i'm sure that when i use the white screen it is red.. with fuchisia and purple the pixel work great!
  3. That sounds wierd, but I'm no expert.
  4. Good luck dwarfchaos, just bought a P2370 and I've got a stuck pixel...
    A few software there that I'm going to try:
  5. thanks,uriox!
    I will take a try.
    It is really small a pixel on 24" and in my instance the pixel is also in a zone that i don't use a lot.. it is just some centimeters up the windows clock.. but it is annoying know that it exist :pfff:
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