Offered a cheap acer?!?!

Hi, i've been offered a acer x3200 (aspire), with the following:

AMD phenom x4 1.8 or 2 ghz (I believe)
4GB DDR2 ram
onboard nvida 8200 with hdmi
500gb sata harddrive

All this for £100 (could probably get it for £90)

I was only interested in the computer as it seemed cheap and i want to MAKE money by reselling it, that the only reason i'm considering buying it, to make a profit.

So is this a good price, and what profit would i make??

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  1. Quote:
    You will be lucky to sell it for the price you got offered.......

    Really?, on ebay the motherboard alone is £99.

    And on acer's website a grade B (cosmetic damage) one with only a triple core is going for £250

  2. Ahh but - the one you're thinking of buying might be password protected by the previous owner who may still be looking for it and have reported its theft to the Police. Without that password, it's useless and it also might be covered in Smart Water or invisibly marked with the owner's postcode.

    If it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Does the person who wants to sell it to you have a drug habit, by any chance?

  3. I don't know, it in the paper, i could go and see it and make sure it's not password protected or anything

    If it's not password protected, how much would it be worth, this is the top end model and on sites like gumtree and preloved, the triple core ones only, are going for around £300
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