Dell Vostro 200 will not boot


I posted this earlier in a Corsaid forum by mistake.

I have a Dell Vostrol 200 from svereal years ago.
A few days ago it stopped turning on. There are no lights on the front, and no beep sounds. The only light I can see is an a small orange light on the mother board. I think the PSU is working because I unplugged the PSU from all parets of the motherboard etc, and connected the green and black leads and turned the power back on -- this turned on the PSU fan. I also reseated all the memory modules, and that did not make a difference. I removed and reseated the CMOS battery to no effect. Would appreciate any further suggestions on how I can figure this out. Thanks

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  1. If it's not turning on at all, two main things cause that. Bad power supply or bad motherboard. Need to swap out one at a time to test them. Power supply is usually the main one to cause this, and is the easiest to replace.
  2. I agree with "Hang-the-9" Most likely it's the power supply, or the motherboard.

    If you have warranty on your unit, call in the support, and get another power supply, or take it in to service (Based on lowest warranty level)

    If you have a known good power supply, that would be great to test with. Would't recommend to try other motherboard, since a dead power supply, may damage other parts.
  3. Thanks. Will try a different power supply. Neela
  4. Hi Neela77777 and everyone! I solved the problem on 2 DELL Vostro 200 just by removing the front cover. I tried this on anothers and this is not working.
    Try it just in case.

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