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Hello,my Bose left earphones went dead on me today, i am fed up form the earphones i am searching for some good headphones (one Ear) i was thinking about the Sennheiser PXC 250 or the Bose quiet confort 3 , any other suggestion guys ?

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  1. What is your audio preference.? Do you have any preference over the headphones being closed or open.? How much are you willing to spend.? These are few of the queries you need to answer first for us to give any logical recommendation..
  2. Thanks you for ur reply,

    Well my preference is to have some closed headphones, i travel a lot so i am searching for some good noise reduction headphones. Well i am willing to pay around 200 $ to 300 $ max . I used to be a big fan of Bose but lately i've disappointed with last earphones . My audio preference is some good jazz , and some electronic music.
    I am open to any new recommendation ...

  3. That is a pretty good budget.. Are you sure you want headphones only.? I'll recommend one from the Sennheiser travel line portable line up in that case.. Check out the PXC 300 or the PXC 350.. The PXC 350 at ~230gm is heavy IMO.. heavy In ears (although you've clearly stated to stay away from them) are most comfortable when in travel mode.. Here also, in case you are remotely interested, I'll recommend from the sennheiser professional line up.. Namely the IE6 and the IE7..
  4. You can get you some Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium Headphones in that price range. If you can bump your kitty a bit, then you should check out some Sennheiser HD 650's. Just replaced my Beyer's with a pair of 650's.
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