Confusion among sound cards and recievers

I m buliding an new gaming cum Htpc looking for a sound card i have rounded up to azuentech 7.1 home theater HD....

My confusion is that ppl connect their htpc to recievers and then to speakers.... and all AV receivers today also have dolby digital,DTS etc etc ... also the sound card also have these...
so what is the point of having a receivers?
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  1. Well speakers don't magically power themselves, so even if you have a sound card, you'd need amplification.

    Also it's nice to have a device that's versatile that has:

    1) radio/XM, DSD decoding,
    2) DSP processing
    3) Dolby PLIIx (in some receivers)
    4) pre-outs to power amps
    5) versatile connectivity to consoles
    6) decoding and connectivity for dvd/sacd/blu ray
    7) level controls
    8) room correction and parametric EQ
    9) bass management
    10) pure audio mode

    among many other features...I don't know...some people might value these features...

    If you don't value any of these features...then...of course you should question your purchase.
  2. Ok,
    In that case i may drop my intention of a good sound card.. since these recievers do the job of decoding.. an onboard sound card would suffice.....

    So i may have two options
    1 ) A seperate sound card could be avoided and may invest that money in a AV Reciever and spearkers connected to these recievers

    2) Purchase a good sound card+ an ampilfier and connect speakers to these amplifires

    hope i m correct.. suggest me if i m wrong.
  3. try getting a cheap gfx card, with hdmi audio. then get a receiver with HDMI audio support (1.3)
    then you wuldnt need a sound card, unless u want analog interconnects, which some dont prefer, but i do :P
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    HDMI audio is a good idea. Nvidia's GTX460 and the entire ATI 5000 line has full hdmi 1.3a certification and will beat any of your sound cards, provided you have a decent receiver.
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