Better Processor or Better GPU? (DELL XPS 8500)

Hi there, I am planning on purchasing a Dell XPS 8500, and I am wondering if I should go for an i7 with a GT 640 1GB GDDR5, or a i5 with a AMD Radeon 7770 2GB GDDR5.

So, basically the 2 systems are identical except for the GPU and CPU.

Option 1:
~Intel Core i7 3770 - 3.4 GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.9 GHz
~NVidia GT 640 1GB GDDR5
~8GB Dual Channel 1600MHz DDR3 RAM

Option 2:
~Intel Core i5 3450 - 3.1 GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.5 GHz
~AMD Radeon HD 7770 2GB GDDR5
~8GB Dual Channel 1600MHz DDR3 RAM

Another thing I considered was getting the i7 model, and then upgrading to a better graphics card in a few months when I have more money.

From what I have heard the i5 and i7 are pretty similar, the only thing that worries me is the difference in clock speed. 3.1 GHz vs 3.4 GHz is like a 10% increase.

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    I'd go with the faster CPU and lower video card, although if you want to play games out of the box, you want to go with the i5 system. That 640 does not have very good game reviews

    Especially seeing how it's priced at about $100.

    Or order the i7 with the cheapest video card they have and buy your own.
  2. Ok, thanks. Based on that link you provided I think I will be fine with the GT 640 for a few months while I save up for a better one.
  3. Yes, but if you want to upgarde to something like GTX 570 or a Expensive radeon card i'm sure what the power supply is and i don't know how much watts it needs. Brands like Dell, HP and stuff are overpriced why don't you get all of the parts a of or and built yourself? You can get a decent PC for say £700 which would almost max games.
  4. Its basically the little things that make me not want to build it. I would need some sort of WiFi card, which this seems to have. I don't know where to get them or how much they are. Also, its stupid that you have to pay for an OS, though I guess you are paying for that with the other one too.
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