Are netbooks worth it?

I remember reading awhile back that netbooks had some issues involving very small keyboards and hardware deficiencies. On the other hand, I'd like to get some sort of mobile computer so I can work on schoolwork/browse the internet while on the go, or in more private areas on campus.

So, are netbooks worth it, or would I be better off getting a notebook? Yeah, I'd really only like to spend about $300, but if netbooks aren't very good then I guess I can save up for a regular old laptop. Keep in mind that I'd only be using it to prepare word documents/powerpoints and browsing the internet for information.
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  1. Well if your only going to do mundane stuff like that, and not play any full-screen games, I'd say a netbook is fine, you could probably even watch movies. However keep in mind that you might want to buy a keyboard and mouse to help fix the comfort problem associated with the space issue.
  2. I have been playing with them - and I would say it depends what you are trying to do with a netbook.
    Low key browsing, typing, they are OK. Anything above that and they begin to chug. Many of my tech support team personally bought them and we use them to do light diagnostic or console type work. They are very underpowered so dont run lots of stuff concurrently.

    Friends of mine have one in the kitchen for browsing recipes - it works just fine in there...

    But for a couple of hundred more you could get a small laptop that would be a little better....your call....
  3. depends on what it is that you want to do with them
    i just picked one up
    its Intel Atom N450 based... got a gig of ram (but you can add more ... one screw at the bottom)... 160 gb drive, wifi(b/g/n), 10/100 LAN, 10.1" screen... 93% of full size keys (these are not small).... 3 hour battery but u can get a 10 hour battery model too... win 7 starter.... and to tell u the truth its very nice... $299 CAD

    here's the thing... do u want to play games or watch 1080p blurays on it? then maybe its not for you... but i dont think id wanna watch bluray on a small screen or play games on underpowered device (this is also true for a full blown laptop imo).

    if you're looking for something to take with you where you can do word processing, web browsing (provided u dont open 20-30 tabs :)) you know.... the stuff u do 95% of the time... i think its perfectly fine.... i think if you stick more ram into this thing this would be able to hold up quite well even with more intensive tasks (not 3D games)

    just make sure you get a newer model (N450 based) as opposed to older inventory clearance as they've come a long way since their introduction....
    a 13" laptop will probably run you at least 600-700 dollars... at 299 i think the price is right... you got to ask yourself what you want to use it for... i'm a systems developer and while i dont code .NET apps on this thing i use it for everything else i do day to day... email/music/surfing/word processing/coursework... its really quite a neat device... and again. price is right.
  4. How's the longevity? And do those N450 models have those dual-core Atom processors that people were saying to wait for?
  5. My Toshiba NB205 has a smaller screen than a laptop, is slower, and doesn't have a CD/DVD drive. For a couple of hundred more, you can have those, but you give up the small size and 9-hour battery life. I've used laptops for many years, and probably should have stuck with 'em. ...but then, I recently retired, don't need the power or speed anymore, and am not a gamer.
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